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IMS believes that a successful implementation will be measured by the acceptance of the system by the users. Effective and timely training is central to the achievement of this objective. IMS supports the concept of Train the Trainer and will develop customised Train the Trainer programs to meet each hospital's requirements.

All Train the Trainer Programs include worked examples, hand on tutoring and extensive course materials. In keeping with this Train the Trainer philosophy, IMS encourages Customer champions to modify the materials to meet each organisation, hospital and department requirements. IMS believes this results in user training that is:

  • Acceptable to the hospital

  • Acceptable to each of the departments

  • Delivered in a way that is familiar to students

  • Readily learnt by student

  • Leads to ownership and championship of the system within the departments

  • IMS will conduct training at the Customers premises or if required organise full off site training at an alternative facility